Concrete Paths

Concrete Paths
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Concrete and Tactile Paving

Concrete and tactile paving play a vital role in creating accessible pedestrian environments. Concrete paving provides a strong, level foundation for foot traffic, wheelchairs and mobility aids. Its textured or grooved finish enhances slip resistance, particularly in wet weather, ensuring safe passage for all users.

Tactile paving complements concrete by providing crucial sensory information. These specialised panels, featuring detectable patterns like truncated domes or grooves, are readily identified underfoot or with a cane. This information alerts visually impaired pedestrians to potential hazards such as upcoming intersections, changes in elevation, or transitions between pedestrian areas and roadways.

The synergy between concrete and tactile paving creates inclusive pathways. This combined approach empowers individuals of all abilities to navigate their surroundings confidently and independently.

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Concrete Walkways

Facilitating safe and confident outdoor mobility is imperative for all members of society. Concrete paving and tactile surfaces are symbiotic pairs that offer a stable and secure path while providing critical sensory cues for all users. These cues enable individuals to navigate their outdoor surroundings independently and enjoy the natural environment with ease.


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Outdoor Tactile Walkways

The design and installation of concrete pathways and tactile paving can create a safe and accessible outdoor environment. Our team specialises in this area, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all users.

Concrete pathways provide a durable, level surface for comfortable and confident movement. The surface’s textured or grooved finish enhances slip resistance, which proves especially useful during wet weather. This surface can accommodate various modes of movement, such as walking, navigating with mobility aids or pushing strollers.

In addition to the concrete pathways, our team also integrates tactile paving into the outdoor environment. This specialised surface, featuring detectable patterns such as truncated domes or grooves, is easily identified underfoot or with a cane. This essential sensory information alerts visually impaired pedestrians to upcoming hazards or changes in elevation, empowering them to navigate confidently and independently.

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