Bathroom Modifications

Bathroom Modifications
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Bathroom Modifications

A strategically designed bathroom space empowers you to maintain personal hygiene confidently and autonomously.

Bathrooms often pose obstacles that impede your ability to bathe, shower and attend to your hygiene needs independently. NDIS-funded bathroom renovations offer a solution by modernising your bathroom, replacing inaccessible fixtures with accessible alternatives that facilitate self-care.

Ranging from essential additions like toilet safety rails and wall-mounted shower seats to inclusive features like roll-in showers tailored for wheelchair users, these modifications are tailored to grant you freedom and reclaim your independence. 

Our team specialises in crafting and installing a variety of modifications tailored to individuals with diverse conditions, ensuring personalised solutions for every client.

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Explore our array of NDIS bathroom renovations and modifications, tailored to empower you to achieve independent living. Our adept team, comprising skilled builders and occupational therapists, collaborates closely with you to conceptualise and execute personalised solutions, precisely catering to your requirements and preferences.

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We offer specialised expertise and a strategic approach designed to expedite the completion of your project. Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge and profound understanding of insurance and NDIS regulations pertaining to home modifications and repairs, Build Crew empowers you to collaborate with a team genuinely committed to your well-being.

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Ensure that your project is handled and completed effortlessly by entrusting it to an experienced insurance and NDIS home modification and construction company.

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Barrier-free Bathroom

Accessible Bathroom

With a wealth of expertise in designing and implementing a diverse array of bathroom accessibility modifications, our team boasts extensive experience in enhancing accessibility within restroom facilities. From simple additions like grab bars to more substantial structural alterations such as widening doorways, we cover a spectrum of needs.

As licensed builders, we hold the authority to undertake an extensive array of renovations and installations specifically tailored to bathroom accessibility. This empowers us to seamlessly fulfill all your restroom accessibility modification needs, streamlining the entire process for you. By choosing us, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having a singular point of contact for all your accessible restroom requirements.

At Build Crew, our dedication lies in providing an unparalleled experience for our clients. Established by professional Master Builders deeply versed in supporting individuals with accessibility needs, we acknowledge the profound influence that a meticulously crafted and accessible restroom environment can exert on your independence and daily routines.

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