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Project Manager
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Our team of NDIS builders in Queensland comprehends the distinct hurdles encountered by individuals with disabilities and is dedicated to guaranteeing that your living space is not only accessible and secure but also customised to meet your specific needs. For intricate NDIS Home Modifications, we offer the option to serve as an impartial Building Works Project Manager, overseeing your project and offering unwavering support throughout your journey.

We deliver impartial management and assessment services for your project, ensuring timely progression, adherence to budget constraints and alignment with your individual needs and specifications.

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At Build Crew, rest assured that our NDIS Registered Building Works Project Managers will expertly navigate you through every phase of your project. We are dedicated to orchestrating a successful outcome and strive tirelessly to deliver a seamless experience throughout the entire NDIS home modification journey.







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We offer specialised expertise and a strategic approach designed to expedite the completion of your project. Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge and profound understanding of insurance and NDIS regulations pertaining to home modifications and repairs, Build Crew empowers you to collaborate with a team genuinely committed to your well-being.

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Ensure that your project is handled and completed effortlessly by entrusting it to an experienced insurance and NDIS home modification and construction company.

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NDIS Building Works

NDIS Building Works

Undertaking complex home modifications often entails extensive planning, coordination with multiple builders/contractors, and a significant time investment. Fortunately, our team of project managers specialises in managing these challenges on your behalf. 

In specific cases, the NDIS provides funding for an NDIS Building Works Project Manager to oversee the intricate design and execution of modifications. Collaborating closely with you and your home modification assessor, we offer expert guidance throughout every phase of the project. Our services encompass comprehensive planning and scoping, assistance in sourcing specialised professionals, conducting feasibility studies, ensuring adherence to building codes, diligent assessment of builders, obtaining competitive quotes, proactive issue resolution, and maintaining clear communication with your chosen builder. 

With our support, navigating the complexities of home modifications becomes a smoother and more efficient process.

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